TGRP Episode 357: “Number Two Step Forward”

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TGRP Episode 356: The Veteran’s Party of America


There is a great deal of trouble brewing in Washington D.C. Much of this strife is caused by the twruling groups the Republicans and Democrats. These groups have maintained power over the united states for the better part of a century. this has been done in part by the propagation of the myth that there is a two party system here in the United States.

There are well over two dozen alternative parties in the United States. the most famous of these is

This is a major opportunity to break the deadlock that has brought the United States to her knees.the Libertarians. They have struggled to gain recognition. Today I talk to the Nation Chair of the Veteran’s Party of America (VPA). The VPA, once fully recognized will have the largest voter base of any party in the country with more that 22 million veterans as well as dependents and extended family.

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In a stunning series of sweeping international action the United Nations (UN) has done something that critics never thought possible. This afternoon the Israelis and the Palestinians will be signing a permanent cease fire accord that has been brokered by the UN and guaranteed by the United States (US), Great Britain, Russia and Iran. In addition an international force has managed to completely contain the Fukushima Daiichi spill. This is truly miraculous since many though that this disaster would lead to the long term deaths of millions worldwide from every form of cancer known.

While reading the details of this I also found it amazing that the UN also managed to end all famines in Africa and to end the some dozen civil wars and ethnic cleansings which had been on going on the continent since the nineteen eighties.  It is truly astounding that almost overnight the UN has solves all of the world’s major problems.

How else could they find time to deal with the whether or not the name of the Washington D.C. football team “The Redskins” is racially insensitive? Me I just assume that all of these other issues have been resolved since they have time to deal with this pressing issue.


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TGRP Episode 355: Lone Survivor

My grand fathers had Europe. My dad’s father had  Normandy and the stalags and my mothers dad had Monte Casino. I read of their exploits and those of men like my uncle Gene (not related but one of the grandfather’s best friends) and what he and the rest of the Deippe raiders went through and think about my own tale. My own story of combat is nothing like my predecessors and jet the missions that I took part in and witnessed unfold are being immortalized.

The book Lone Survivor is not a major motion picture and it is making me feel a bit old .

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TGRP Episode 354: 2016 Is Here To Stay

There are number of issues that are coming up in the next election… well not the one that is coming up bu the one coming up in 2016. From who I think is the next Ensign Ricky to how ridiculous things are going to get.

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TGRP Episode 353: Common Sense Cardiac

When it comes to politics ans religion it’s usually not the place to start a conversation. Many of the concerns that people like myself have with these hot button issues are also pretty polarizing and as such this means that there is a lot that needs to be said to inform people about what is going wrong. This is the other problem because many people don;t want to here it and maybe it’s because they think you should be wearing a tin foil hat. today we’ll look at this and talk about how to approach people with many of these very high voltage issues and to leave them wanting more.

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The Passing of a Legend

Today is a day that the world looses the last of the great gun smiths. Though the AK-47 will be the only weapon people will likely remember when they here the name Kalashnikov it is a name that is with out doubt respected all over the world for what it has come to represent

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TGRP Episode 352: Getting Past The Hitching Post

There are a number of problems that all preppers run into. there are so many things to be concerned with and there is very little that one can to to address every single thing specifically but there is hope. Small stepps can be taken to ensure that there is preparation ins all sectors in a very broad sense.

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TGRP Episode 351: Office as a Castle

Bug out and bug in are favorite topics of the Survival community but what about when you have to stay put for a few days and hold the fort. This is not just planning to have guns but also a plan to have the ability to work through problems and plan.

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TGRP Episode 350: Turkey Coma

Today I do a bit of bouncing around from everything on the rise of the Daleks to the reality behind what many people who are into the whole revisionist history bit call the Thanks Giving Genocide… by the way this has nothing to do with the population decline of turkeys..

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