Welcome to the novel Fidelis. This book is not just about the Marine Corps but also about justice and family. 

The characters of this story are the fictional embodiment of the men that I served with. I will do my best to be honest about their character and temperament as I tell this story. In choosing these men to populate my work I have  chosen to breath life into the traits that have forever changed me as a man. Unlike other units, ours was together for four years. From boot camp to Okinawa and then Afghanistan. We were closer than any group I know of. Even Marines from different companies shared a bond that I never saw with other Marine units. We were, and still are today, a family. This book is for them, all of them. Just as with any family there was strife and feuds, bad times and good. We saw to one another and made the best of things. From the lava fields of PTA and the frozen hills of Hawthorn Nevada to the ridge lines and washes of the Chowkay and Korengal Valleys we could always put a face to a name, always had a story for each man in our battalion.  2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regament is who we are, and this is for all of us.


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