Welcome to The Gun Runner Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping spread the word of freedom.  Not just about the rights guaranteed by the founding generation 2nd Amendment but also those that are sometimes overlooked. Through discussions of shooting techniques, equipment and topics geared toward building communities. It is the hope of the host that through making these topics part of your everyday routine that you too will make an effort to reach out to others so that we may continue to enjoy our right to self, home and community defense.

My name is Ryan Rocquin (Row-can) and I’m the host of TGRP. This podcast and website are dedicated to spreading the message of positive firearms ownership and being a responsible member society and a positive influence on those around you.  This includes talking about reliant news of the day, political topics and building a community.

Each episode of the podcast will in some way relate to the average American shooter. The  focus will on getting knowledge into the hands of the public so that communities can become for self reliant and resistant to crime and the oppression of their rights.

Though the show is primarily for entertainment the there is also another side to this show a serious one.  As more an more people have started to tune out of the convectional media e.g. network news and talk radio and move to new forms of media such as podcasts  there needs to be responsible news analysis through the 20/20 lens of history and the tempered eyes of a Marine.

From February second of 2012 when analytical data has been kept more than 115,000 downloads of The Gun Runner Podcast have been made. The five most popular episodes are listed below.

TGRP Episode 272: Switches and Selections

TGRP Episode 269: Schools and Spike

TGRP Episode 271: Down with the Sickness

TGRP Episode 276: Guns in the House

TGRP Episode 278: Road to Miranda

Many of these are editorial response to the media and its miss representation of the gun culture. In the past I have done a number of specific episodes related to America’s Rifle, the AR (I recognize that is represents ArmaLite Rifle). In fact one of the first episodes TGRP Episode 3: The American Rifle goes into this. Additionally I also cover history, not just of fire arms but general history. It is in history that we learn how to react when people, especially politicians and rulers, run amuck and how to fix things.

 Adult Language 

It should also be understood that though this show has a lot of general content I do use some adult language to help enhance my points. This is just a fact of life and how I really talk. I am sorry if this offends you but please understand that I have calmed down substantially over the last few years with regard to how i speak. Like many Marines I would use the f-word  as a punctuation rather than as a verb, noun, adjective or adverb. So when you see the word EXPLICIT in iTunes that means that there is a little more than a shit or a damn here and there.


Though I am on the vast currents of the internet and letting my voice, opinions and and even some facets of my personal life i am a private person. My address, phone number and private email are reserved to a select few.  The same is true for Facebook. I can be contacted through Facebook but I am highly selective of who I friend.





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