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Madison Rising

The principals of freedom and liberty are core to TGRP and of course your host. In looking for a band that not only represented that, I ran onto the problem of finding a rock band that could also keep to the tempo of the show and fit with my personal tastes I found one that is pretty new and I see doing a lot of good.

Madison Rising is fronted by Dave Bray, “Doc” Bray since he is and forever shall be a U.S. Navy Corpsman.  On guitars MR has Christopher Schreiner and Alex Bodnar. Drummer Sam Fisherman and Bass Player Steve Padelski round out the five man group.


These five men are filling a hole in the musical world. May bands have lyrics and themes that are clearly political, but all too often the message of others bands are not consistent with many of the values that TGRP and the shows listeners hold fast to. This is where MR comes in.  With songs such as “Right To Bear”, “Soldiers of America and “Hallowed Ground” set a new standard for rock music in America.


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