MagPul on price gouging

It is sad when those that are on our side of the fight to keep our rights thrown what ever weapon we see fit to protect our homes, family and property from thosethat would threaten and /or take them by force. Cheaper ThanDirt has already changed their listed price for MagPul Flat Dark Earth 30 round PMAG from $59.97.

We have to be able to trust in those that supply us with the equipment need to keep our firearms in good working order. It is clear that there are some retailers only interested in fearmongering and exploiting the public. Please join me in a general boycott of Cheaper Than Dirt and rally support for Bushmaster Arms. Their company has been unduly vilified for  the actions of an extremely disturbed person.

Statement from MagPul:

We’ve received a lot of comments about some retailers charging extremely high prices for our products. We strongly discourage pricing strategies like this with our direct customers, as we just don’t feel right about it. Those retailers who are buying through distribution, and not direct, may be worried about supply and reacting to the market with this pricing increase. We are firm believers in free capitalism, and as long as no one is damaging market value through their pricing strategy, we will allow the market to correct this situation, as it appears it already is. We intend to continue to produce and sell our products to support the MSRPs we have set. Magazines will continue to flow to those retailers, distributors, and OEM customers with whom we have direct relationships.

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