TGRP Episode 349: Back With Glenn

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TGRP Episode 348: Listener Feedback

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TGRP Episode 347: Nation Ammunition Day


Today is the day that we go out and celebrate the decline of our nation in a very special way. We go out and buy bullets.


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Chapter 4: America Down the Bean Stalk

This chapter focuses on the factors that lead to the fall of the United States between 2008 and 2015.










Just so you know this is a trick or treat thing… Happy Halloween

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TGRP Episode 346: Interview with P.J. Marx and Matt Phillips of Liberty Ammunition


Please notice the bullet weight and the muzzle velocity

The market for self defense rounds is highly competitive and companies are always looking for that new thing that will bring people in. From new looks to zombies or green stuff on the box it’s all just marketing. Liberty Ammunition is different. Liberty designs it’s ammunition not just with the armed citizen in mind but also with the down range operator in mind.

After the September 11th attacks P.J. Marx, the inventor of the technology behind Liberty’s Civil Defense line began engineering ammunition for the military that pushed the accepted realities of handgun ammunition performance. Today that reality is being stood on its head.

Many of you would not believe me that there is a 9mm cartridge on the market that can push 200fps or an effective 45 ACP that tips the scale at just 78 grains. I’ve seen this and am impressed that a bullet not made out of lead is performing this well.

I hope that you enjoy this interview. I felt very privileged to get to talk to P.J. about his baby and how much it’s going to affect the entire industry.

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TGRP Episode 345: Interview with Troy Grice


When it comes to entraining preppers, we don’t’ have a whole lot of options out there. Most TV shows make us out to be kooks and Hollywood just ignores us. So when it comes to books we have a pretty healthy little cottage industry that has popped up. Prepper Press has been helping to keep us sane as we prep and men like Troy Grice are giving us even more reason to prep. In this episode Troy joins me to talk about his new book Indivisible. This is his view of the coming collapse and for those that are in line with my view of things you are going to love hearing from Troy.

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TGRP Episode 344: Case of “The Mondays”

In the coming weeks there will not be a focus on gun control due to the recent shooting, even Sarah had no idea that there had been a shooting until the morning news the day after.
The reason is that the body count is too low and a Soldier precluded the deadly actions if the shooter. This does not fit with the narrative. Children are suppose to be helpless in the face of the gun. It is the destroyer of lives that prowls our schools looking for victims. The notion that engagement is a solution is not acceptable.
My Senior Drill Instructor, then Staff Sergeant Siquirous, told us when we went north to Edson Range that he was going to “Teach us how to earn the
Medal of Honor”. And so he, like many DIs before him, through lessons on our Marine Corps heritage taught us the virtue of selfless sacrifice to save the team and allow the mission to continue.
There of course is more to this that should really have some more harsh tone of voice.

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TGRP Episode 343: Lunch with Sniper Mike

I waited a while for what turned out to be on one hand a huge disappointment and on the other a great learning expediences. Today Mike and I learn from the failure of our meet and greet and move forward to discuss things like tranin opportunities in places like Seattle (Nickelsville) so that the Washington State CPTs can cut their hands at working in a post collapse environment while the collapse is still actively happening. We also talk about leadership and recruitment since these are such important facets of the mission that we are currently on.

Oath Keepers
Join Oath Keepers 


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TGRP Episode 342: Malice, Myth & The Mission

June 20B

This episode looks more at Oath Keepers and the problems that some people have with the organization and more on the going operational,


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Graphic Design



As the mobilization is gearing up I’m looking for someone to do a little graphic design work for some “motto” patches. I’m going to create some billet patches based on the Marine Corps individual unit symbols. Primarily I want to do these for Oath Keepers as we “stand up” and need to designate billets for different trainings.  There are more symbols and I want to start this off slow. What I’m looking for is a round design with an oak tree in the back ground and these below symbols  If you’re interested let men know I know that we have some talented people out there.


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