TGRP Episode 270: 13 Skills

13Skills.comSarah joins me (Ryan, your Host) again as we talk to you about the skills we have selected to better ourselves in 2013.  For many there are skills that we say, “Oh, that would be nice to know” or “If I know knew how to,” but we don’t often go out and pursue the education needed to master those skills. Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast and Five Minutes with Jack is spearheading an effort to get preppers more active in achieving their skill development goals. This movement is called 13 in 13 Challenge and can be found at 13 Skills dot com.

Many in the prepper community focus on more tangible assets such as food stores, ammunition storage or developing their homestead; these things can all be taken in hand or touched. At the same time all of these things are in some way perishable or too cumbersome to be transported. Food either spoils or is eaten, ammunition is spent through training or the gathering of game, and a homestead is subject to the power and wrath of nature and man alike. Skills and knowledge, though, are subject only to degradation when practice is not regular. This makes the development of skills paramount in order to overcome the perishable, cumbersome nature of tangible assets.

Within the skills that Sarah and I have chosen to undertake are new ones and ones that will allow us to improve the skills we already have. Among the skills that we have chosen in common are Self Defense, Teaching, Fitness and Gardening. For myself Business Management and Entrepreneurship top my list, while Sarah is looking forward to learning how to knit and cook paleo. I am focusing most on Business Management and Entrepreneurship as I plan to launch Instructor-List, my primary business, in the new year. I will need to develop skills in this area that I have never needed in order to ensure a successful, self-sufficient business. Sarah has chosen Knitting because it is a skill she has always wanted to learn but never really found the time to do. She plans to start with a scarf and work her way up to more complex projects. Paleo Cooking is one of her skills because she wants to find more exciting recipes, so that she can handle the paleo diet to which I have committed myself. With each skill that we master or, at least move closer to mastery on, we will become more self-reliant–an overall goal for 2013 in the the Gun Runner household. Self-reliance is important to us as services become more scarce and we need to provide for ourselves. Listen to the episode for a breakdown on each of the skills we will be working towards and how we plan to do it. It might just inspire you to go visit 13 Skills and start you own skill development journey! (Especially Sarah’s goal of working out once a week.)

As we move along with our goals we will update you on our progress via the Gun Runner Facebook page, posts on TGRP, as well as hosting follow up episodes. (Hopefully, this will keep Sarah honest and stop her from procrastinating.) At the end of 2013 we will be richer and more self-reliant with our 26 new skills.

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