TGRP Episode 304: Prepping for the Harbor

After my appearance on our local radio station I wanted to do a little bit of community outreach to the people of Grays Harbor Washington. The station is 1450 am and 94.7 fm KBKW. The show is call Coffee Talk and is quite the show. The host Doug McDowell invites leaders of the community and other local commentators on to the show to talk about topics that concern the county and the communities within the county. From Sheriff Rick Scott to little old me there guests are invited to help better the community and the show is an excellent forum to that end.

Originally I came onto the show to talk about guns and their roll in our communities through some of the same topics that I have brought to my regular listeners in the past but due to the direction that came up the last time I was on the air I decided to dedicate and entire two hour episode to the topic of prepping in my community. I will do one or two more episodes specifically on this because as a podcaster I am not forced into time constraints as talk radio hosts are and this is a good way to get the information into the community.

Friday March 22, 2013 Appearance on KBKW

Ready for the apocalypse!

Monsanto Protection Act

Cold Steel Boar Spear

The Survival Podcast


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