TGRP Episode 65: American Militia

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Episode 65:  American Militia

Date:               Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sponsors:       Instructor-List

 History Bite:  

  • 1929    Popeye is Created
  • 1945    Soviet Forces Close on Auschwitz
  • 1961    Ike’s Farewell Address
  • 1966    Palomares Incident

TOD:              Liberty

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 Topic:             American Militia

Millions of Americans today feel disenfranchised by the government that resides in our nation’s capitol. States are on the verge of bankruptcy and everyday things seem a little darker especially to those who are wake and looking at the signs. From the eventual collapse of the American economic model to the infringement of government on our liberties and freedoms the people want help stopping this. What is the answer to state security and safety, how is D.C. kept in line? We’ll talk toady about how the men that laid the foundation for this nation wanted it done and what has happened to that freedom.

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