The Girls

The Girls B

I know I talk about Sarah and my little girl but I’d like to take some time to introduce my girls River and Lois to you.






Lois started life as a stripped lower receiver. Over the last three years  she has gone through some pretty interesting changes.

SA10103 (6)


Lois is named for Lois Griffin from the TV series Family Guy.  She is everything that I could want a civilian rifle to be as a Marine. She is OD, with a 20inch barrel, RCO and a little bit of MAGPUL furniture.

Lois Shirt Picture

Lois Silhouette Close-up



This little girl is a second hand Glock 22 Gen 4 with some serious reworkings.  He debut was with a new tungsten guide rod, Tru Glo TFO  sights and a Black Hawk xyphos


Today she is a custom stippled, with an Eagle Globe and Anchor backplate and now a Viridian X5L.

photo 4 (6)

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