Thoughts on the Connecticut Shooting

When I hear that eighteen children have been killed and more are struggling hanging on to life and nine adults are also dead I have to question how things are being done. Why is it that when education of our nations children is passed to surrogates. These people are charges with the intellectual, emotional and social development of our children but when it comes to the defense of our children’s lives they are forced to choose inaction.  Many times I have expounded on the prudence’s of an ensconced defense however this requires the ability repel an attacker through the use of ranged weapons or the use of close combat such as hand to hand or melee weapons.  This is not an option for teachers. The skill or equipment needed to actively defend students are imbued with an almost mystic danger.  Largely the perception is that the teacher will be a danger to students that a concealed weapon will fall into the hands of a student.  Since I was twenty-one years old I have carried a weapon for defense of myself and others.  I have a young child who understand what my carry weapon is and that she is not to touch it. If a four year old can comprehend that why is it so difficult for older children to exercise similar discretion?

When I think about myself, my wife and my daughter being in a school and unable to defend themselves against an armed assailant I don’t blame the gunmen I blame the people that force my wife and I to be defenseless. I blame the people that require that my daughter’s teacher be unable to defend her life the way that I as a Marine and as a father would defend her. I am disgusted that adults charged with the surrogate rearing of my child are relegated to the actions of a coward, not by an flaw of their own character but the character of our legislators who as always prefer victims to vocal constituents.

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